Another record deforestation in Brazil
Phelim O'Neill
Rate of Amazon deforestation continues to increase ahead of Brazil's Presidential election later this year.
5 August 2021 News
Analysis: CAP moving from theory to reality
Moving to the next CAP has been a slow process but we are starting to see what it will mean on Irish farms.
9 June 2021 Dealer
Big Phil back to work
The Dealer spotted that Phil Hogan has made a comeback…in the form of consultancy work.
Mercosur trade deal edging forward
A deal has been agreed for almost two years, but the ratification process still has long way to go.
8 April 2021 EU
The price of cheap food - no simple solution
A way has to be found to deliver more value to farmers from the food chain, but there is no simple solution.
25 March 2021
Has the voice of Irish farmers been lost in last-ditch Brexit negotiations?
Editor Justin McCarthy says a basic free-trade agreement should not be seen as a success for Ireland.
9 December 2020 Editorial
Limiting CAP’s green ambitions is ‘ammunition’ for a smaller budget
Former Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan, who drafted the proposals for the next CAP, has wanred watering down envrionmental ambition will make defending the budget harder.
25 November 2020 EU
CAP direction had been well flagged
The EU commission, Parliament and Council of Ministers have now had their say and the CAP discussion moves into its final negotiation
21 October 2020
Mercosur support slipping
There is growing momentum in the EU against the trade deal signed with Mercosur last summer that gave access for 99,000t of beef at a reduced tariff to EU markets
7 October 2020
Letter of support for Phil Hogan from Tullaroan IFA branch
Tullaroan IFA - Patrick Walsh, Chairman; Edward Lanigan, Secretary – For and on behalf of the members of Tullaroan branch of IFA Tullaroan, Co Kilkenny
16 September 2020 Letters
John Bruton: strong EU needed more than ever
We need a strong Europe now, more than at any time in history, writes John Bruton.
9 September 2020 Opinion
Jockeys and Commissioners at odds
Big Phil should have stayed with the horses rather than mess around with the golf
9 September 2020 Dealer