Farmer interest in Brazil election
Phelim O'Neill
Brazil will chose its next president on Sunday, and this has greater significance for Irish farmers than might appear.
1 October 2022 Opinion
Opinion: Budget 2023 could be an election budget
The most leaked Irish budget ever could be this Government’s swansong. If it is, Saturday’s Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis is the start of the long lead-in to a marshalling of the canvassing armies.
20 August 2022 Opinion
Opinion: farmers shouldn't fear a fertiliser register
Overuse of fertiliser won’t do farmers any favours, but the border poses a threat to a well-maintained register.
Six decades of agriculture commissioners
In this article, Barry Murphy looks back at the 14 agriculture commissioners who have guided European agriculture for the past six decades.
30 July 2022 EU
Profile: Phil Hogan, European Commissioner (2014-2020)
Phil Hogan was the second Irish Commissioner to have the agriculture portfolio and was trade Commissioner prior to his abrupt departure in 2020
27 July 2022 EU