Phosphate rights in the Netherlands - how do they work?
Jack Kennedy
Moves by the Department to introduce mandatory quotas per dairy farm has got farmers talking about alternatives as straight limits don't incentivise improvement at farm level.
15 March 2022 News
New digestate treatment project launched
The system removes and cleans water from digestate and is currently in trial in the UK.
2 March 2022 News
Eyes turn to Africa for fertiliser
Fertiliser availability looks like becoming an even bigger issue for Ireland as key players in fertiliser market no longer available to importers.
Home Farm: rain puts all thoughts of grazing on hold
We took advantage of the broken weather to get advice and plan our disease control and fertiliser programmes over the next crucial few months.
16 February 2022 Opinion
How to prepare your farm nutrient records
Doing your own farm nutrient records is a big task but it is also a very worthwhile exercise, write Andy Doyle and Siobhán Walsh.
12 January 2022 Soils
Netherlands announces €25bn plan to radically change Dutch farming
Renowned globally for producing milk, meat and flowers, a new Dutch government has just announced plans that could change the face of Dutch farming.
16 December 2021 News
River plan calls for more inspections, fertiliser cuts
New measures are required to reduce the loss of fertilisers and soil from farmland into water, according to the River Basin Management Plan for 2022 to 2027.
6 October 2021 News
Slurry closed period to remain in place
A system where slurry could be applied in the closed period if soil moisture and weather conditions were suitable was favoured by Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots.
4 August 2021 News
Beef management: rain showers providing a window for fertiliser
With rain showers becoming more regular, there is an opportunity to get fertiliser spread on grazing swards and boost grass supplies for the weeks ahead.
6 July 2021 Grass & feeding
Grain market driving fertiliser price on
Fertiliser prices are set for another increase from 1 July in Northern Ireland
23 June 2021 Northern Ireland
How Friesland Campina managed environmental limits
Mary Delaney speaks to Jeroen Elfers, corporate director with FrieslandCampina to understand how it has managed environmental supply limits with its dairy farmer members.
9 June 2021 News
Time for a fertiliser dressing to boost grass growth
With warmer weather forecasted for the end of the week, a timely application of fertiliser beforehand will boost grass growth.
25 May 2021 Grass & feeding