What food is more sustainable? "That would be an ecumenical matter!"
Amii McKeever
Is it now fallacy to ascribe to the belief that when it comes to our views and opinions on food, the environment and other people’s lives, we are all entitled to our own opinion?
2 March 2022 News
Local Enterprise Week to run virtually again for 2022
Grow your business and learn new insights during Local Enterprise Week this March and be sure to attend some of the spotlight events with an exciting line-up of speakers and topics, writes Ilka Denker
1 November 2021 Careers
Irish Farmers Journal seeking statistics on agriculture employee market
As part of the annual Agri Jobs Focus, two surveys have been set up to gain an insight, identify trends and analyse any changes COVID-19 might have had on the employee market, writes Ilka Denker.
‘Women empowering women, it’s probably the most valuable tool you have’
Lauren Ennis has amassed a strong following on the social media platform TikTok, which she uses not only to entertain, but also to advocate for farming women. In conversation with Anne O’Donoghue
31 March 2021 Features
Statistics show that female students grade higher in agricultural science
The founder of the Athena Tracker an academic tracking tool, Emily Brick, looks at trends in agricultural science as a Leaving Cert subject
30 September 2020 Education
Sound advice
Do your research and don’t underestimate the challenge. That’s the sound advice from Oonagh Monahan, a woman with serious experience in the food sector, writes Mairead Lavery
26 February 2020 News
Diversification: make a brand, not just a product
Diversifying the farm business often focuses on creating a product, but having a good brand is potentially more important. Odile Evans writes
1 January 2020 Features
Lowest volume of land on the market in the UK since the mid 1990s
Head of Rural Research at Savills UK, Emily Norton, talks to Odile Evans about trends on the UK market in 2019.
18 December 2019 News & features
Finding your sparkle
Re-designing her career at 40 presented plenty of challenges, but Linda O'Brien has found her sparkle in her accessories business, writes Irene Bermingham.
5 December 2018 Fashion
Forequarter carrying the beef trade
Demand for manufacturing beef continues, but selling steak meat is a problem.
11 October 2017 Markets
Younger cattle at lighter weights in 2017
Kieran Mailey looks at some of the likely trends in cattle supply in 2017.
5 April 2017 News
Fashion focus: Spring watch
Klara Heron selects the top trends for spring 2017
1 February 2017 Fashion