New bill to protect farm assets from forced sales
Pat O'Toole
The Impaired Farm Credit Bill 2022 would see enhanced protections for farmland.
3 April 2022 News
ICMSA urges farmers with unsustainable debts to 'assess options'
Personal insolvency arrangements have been used to stymie efforts by vulture funds to bounce farmers into fire sales.
10 November 2021 News
Judge refuses farmer’s request to prevent vulture fund from selling land
The judge said that there was “no legal basis” to the argument around the ownership of the land and that Promontoria was the registered owner.
Watch: IFA protests over vulture fund sale of family farm
Farmers have gathered at the Conway farm in Rhode, Co Offaly.
29 July 2021 News
McGuinness defends Mercosur and talks Farm to Fork with IFA council
European Financial Services Commissioner Mairead McGuinness joined an IFA council meeting and heard about the issues facing Irish farmers.
12 March 2021 News
Insolvency arrangement saves Meath farm from vulture funds
Farmers are fighting to keep their land from vulture funds through the use of PIAs.
3 March 2021 News
Ulster Bank exit: advice for farmer customers of the bank
Irish Farmers Journal money mentor and qualified financial adviser (QFA) Margaret Nolan lays out the options for farmer customers of Ulster Bank, now that it is confirmed it will leave Ireland.
19 February 2021 News
Ulster Bank loans must not be sold to vulture funds - IFA
The IFA has warned that Ulster Bank’s exit will add to diminishing competition in the sector.
19 February 2021 News
ICMSA webinar aimed at farmers with debt or mortgage arrears
The event on farm debt is being hosted by the ICMSA and its president Pat McCormack will chair the event.
7 January 2021 News
Irish Farmers Journal sweeps the board at Agri Guild awards
Hannah Quinn Mulligan, Lorcan Allen and Odile Evans collected multiple prizes at the prestigious Guild of Agricultural Journalists awards.
18 December 2020 News
Vulture fund makes millions from farm loans
Some 1,800 farm loans were sold by Rabobank to so-called vulture funds last year.
16 December 2020 News
Vulture funds activity is on the up - IFA
The IFA reports an increase in activity from vulture funds since the COVID-19 payment breaks came to an end.
4 December 2020 News