Climate and environment
Biodiversity report puts spotlight on derogation
Noel Bardon
Some members of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Environment suggested that there is an opportunity for Ireland to stop looking for nitrates derogation from Brussels.
23 November 2022 News
How did Ireland lose its nitrates derogation?
With massive changes coming to the nitrates derogation, Aidan Brennan travelled to Brussels with a group of dairy farmers and the IFA to find out what’s happening.
23 November 2022 Soils
Examining what cover crops to use to tackle different issues
Cover crops have multiple benefits from protecting soil and water quality to increasing soil organic matter and improving soil health.
County councils need to ramp up farm inspections – EPA
The EPA has called on local authorities to conduct more inspections of farms amid efforts to improve water quality.
15 November 2022 Climate and environment
Department seeks farmer views on crop and rush spray changes
Any farmer or farm organisation can make a submission outlining their views to the Department on the Commission’s plans to ban the use of sprays in many areas of the country.
14 November 2022 News
Cover crop plantings double at Cooney Furlong
Cover crop sales increased massively in Co Wexford this year and the new nitrates rules are thought to have contributed to this.
9 November 2022 News
Dutch cow numbers to decline by 20-30%
Aidan Brennan reports from Holland, where farmers there are feeling the wrath of new environmental rules which are going to shake up farming in the intensive dairy country.
9 November 2022 Markets
National Dairy Conference set for Cork and Mullingar
The theme of this year's conferences is ‘Turning challenges into opportunities’.
3 November 2022 News
IFA seeks mention in An Taisce case
The Irish Farmers Association is seeking to become a notice party in the case An Taisce is bringing against the State for approving the Nitrates Action Programme.
2 November 2022 News
Tillage Podcast: details of a possible ban on pesticides
This week, the tillage team talks about a ban on pesticides, lack of fieldwork and Andy Doyle reports from a markets conference.
27 October 2022 News
42 farms plant 7t of cover crop seed in Guinness project
The project was launched last February and aims to reduce emissions and improve soil health on farms.
24 October 2022 News
Processors blasted by EPA for ‘poorest’ environmental compliance
The Environmental Protection Agency says five meat and dairy processors are “unnecessarily affecting the water quality of their local environment”.
22 October 2022 News