Meat business women launch ‘The Power of You’ series
Sarah McIntosh
A global campaign is launched by Meat Business Women to foster a sense of empowerment and confidence within women, writes Sarah McIntosh.
13 September 2023 News
UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science ‘trailblazing’ on gender equality
The School of Agriculture and Food Science in UCD is making great strides towards achieving gender equality for female academic staff and students, writes Claire McCormack
30 August 2023 Sport
There are never any guarantees in sport
Small margins make huge differences when running the race of your life, writes Denis Hurley.
Women artists celebrated, but It Took a Century
A new exhibition, It Took a Century, reminds the world that female artists are a force to be reckoned with. Leo Powell writes.
26 July 2023 Features
Carers: it's time to look after yourselves
Taking time out for yourself can be difficult when you’ve someone ill to care for, but self-care is vital. Margaret Hawkins talks to two women who share their helpful tips from lived experience.
12 July 2023 Health
Rise: finding her rainbow's end
After experiencing baby loss and postnatal depression, Sarah Niland found herself in a dark place. But by seeking support, she has found her rainbow’s end, writes Maria Moynihan.
5 July 2023 Features
'It's probably all your hormones'
Feeling exhausted and burnt out? Consultant endocrinologist Dr Mary Ryan talks to Margaret Hawkins about the important role hormones play in our health.
21 June 2023 Health
Women in Action: flex well at Flexelle
After two decades teaching dance, Eleanor Brannigan didn’t foresee a career change until an injury introduced her to reformer pilates.
7 June 2023 Features
Editorial: the last one - tá bród agus brón orm
At the end of her time as editor of Irish Country Living, Amii McKeever reflects on being supported to swim at the beginning – both personally and professionally.
31 May 2023 Features
‘Bras are engineering. Support has to come from somewhere’
There is no such thing as “standard” breasts, so there is no standard bra. Susan Moylett, lingerie specialist, explains the importance of getting fitted for a bra , writes Amii McKeever
26 April 2023 Fashion
Rise: meet the Charolais Angels
Four women in Co Monaghan brought together by cancer have helped raise €36,000 for vital services through the ‘Charolais Angels’ calf auction.
19 April 2023 Features
The right diet can nurture your body through the menopause
Nearing menopause? Eating properly is very important as you live through what can be challenging years for many, writes Margaret Hawkins.
12 April 2023 Health