Beef Management: lungworm, THRIVE open day and building grass
Adam Woods
This week’s Beef Managementlooks at lungworm infection, the THRIVE open day and building grass covers over the next month.
Three steps to help keep wormers working
Michael Gottstein, Teagasc head of sheep, outlines practical steps to slow the development of anthelmintic resistance on sheep farms.
26 July 2022 Management
Be alert for lungworm in young cattle following rain
The combination of rain over the weekend and heat will see worm burdens rapidly increase on grazing ground, putting young cattle at risk of lungworm.
Beef Managment: grass growth and worming advice
A look at grass growth issues across the country, the need for decent second cut silage crops and advice for worming cattle at grass.
22 June 2022 Management
Jumping worms wreak havoc in Connecticut
I'm told they were originally brought into the US from Japan to feed Platypuses in the Bronx Zoo.
15 June 2022 News
Five tips for worm control in cattle
When worming cattle, outlined are some tips that will help achieve effective parasite control.
11 June 2022 Management
Do dairy cows need a summer worm dose?
The popularity of the mid-season dairy cow worm dose has increased in recent years, but is it necessary, asks Aidan Brennan.
8 June 2022 Animal Health
Summer health problems and solutions
Adam Woods previews this week’s special summer animal health focus.
8 June 2022 Markets
Worms: To dose or not to dose
Adam Woods takes a look at dosing 2022-born calves and what the current best practice is in relation to the responsible use of dosing products.
Keeping dairy beef calves healthy at grass
A healthy calf is key to hitting growth targets over the first grazing season in dairy-beef systems.
Earthworms could replace fertiliser - UCD research
UCD Professor Olaf Schmidt has said that earthworms enrich soil and plants through nitrogen excreted in their mucus a lot quicker than previously thought.
24 February 2022 News