Letter on the importance of on-farm placement for college students
Letters to the Editor
"Our role is to encourage young people to enter and remain in farming." - Jim White, by email
5 May 2022 News
Weekly podcast: €1,000 to make silage, Teagasc suckler U-turn and stolen calves
Detail of a new €55m scheme to help farmers make hay and silage, Teagasc’s U-turn on stocking rate advice for suckler farmers, stolen calves, the CAP plan and problems for young farmers all feature.
4 May 2022 News
Young farmer numbers a ‘ticking timebomb’ - Macra president
John Keane believes that Macra can seize the opportunities a post-lockdown society offers to provide a social and developmental outlet for young rural people.
CAP observation letter 'reinforces' Macra's key concerns
Macra president John Keane said the Commission’s CAP observation letter was a welcome intervention.
22 April 2022 News
Macra needs to grasp post-lockdown opportunity
Macra's new CEO has to oversee the organisation's bid to rebuild the level of active membership.
20 April 2022 Dealer
Macra appoints former soldier as chief executive
Macra has appointed a new CEO to help develop the long-term strategy and direction of the organisation.
20 April 2022 News
Name of Macra CEO a closely guarded secret
The Dealer has heard that the new Macra CEO is to start in the role fairly soon.
13 April 2022 Dealer
Input from all sectors needed on Food Vision dairy group - Macra
The interim report of the Food Vision dairy group to cut emissions was circulated on Thursday, with 17 different recommendations.
9 April 2022 News
Farmer early retirement scheme didn’t achieve key objective – McConalogue
Department of Agriculture schemes shouldn’t be funding farmers under 65 years of age to leave farming early, says Minister McConalogue.
6 April 2022 News
In pictures: our favourite reader photos of the week
Check out our favourite reader photos of the week. We love to see what's happening on your farm - you can upload your photos at the link below.
3 April 2022 News
Identity of new Macra CEO remains a mystery
Despite interviews taking place a number of weeks ago, there has been little heard since on who the new CEO of Macra will be.
15 March 2022 Dealer
WIT claims Great Agri-food Debate title for 2022
The Waterford team debated a Loughborough University (LU) team on the prospects for organic beef farming before claiming the title.
14 March 2022 News