Succession: ‘This is not the time to be talking about the farm after I die!’
Amii McKeever
Many families will try to avoid argument and conflict but there is a cost involved in this type of conformity particularly when it comes to farm succession, writes Paul Keogh.
13 April 2022 Show jumping
The War Horses
Michael Slavin reflects upon the consequence of war on horses and ponies through history.
15 March 2022 Living Life
Snake banishment? Tall tale or long story?
In honour of St Patrick’s Day Amii McKeever pays a visit to James Hennessey who – using the profits from his construction business during the boom – bought a zoo. And not just any zoo; a reptile one.
Katherine’s Country: what would we do?
War is making us uneasy. It is impacting our lives in so many ways and farmers are worried about the future, writes Katherine O’Leary.
15 March 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Feeling a fraud and selfish in the face of human suffering
The perspective we gain, when tragedy or war occurs can often be short lived. With war in Ukraine and millions being displaced Amii McKeever struggles to just continue as normal.
2 March 2022 Features
Money Mentor: changing or challenging a will – get the right advice
Money Mentor Margaret Nolan discusses making,changing or challenging a will
15 December 2021 Money Mentor
Money Mentor: ‘I need to change my will but cannot decide about the farm’
A reader has been in touch with Money Mentor Margaret Nolan regarding his will and the decisions he needs to make. Read her response here.
8 September 2021 Money Mentor
Managing difficult behaviour on boards
Bad behaviour is a frequent problem on boards and we all have war stories etched in our memories. Having a toolkit to deal with it will help maintain a positive board team, writes Karen Brosnan.
9 June 2021 Features
What do I need to know before I join a board?
In part two of our four part Corporate Governance series with Karen Brosnan, we explore how a company’s health, not shareholder wealth, should be the primary concern of a board.
26 May 2021 Features
Agony Uncle: how can I stay connected and communicate with my son?
Psychotherapist Enda Murphy answers a reader query from a mother whose son is drifting apart from her as he gets older. He advises on how to allow him continue his journey into manhood.
12 May 2021 Features
Mediation and resolving family farm disputes
Money Mentor Margaret Nolan suggests mediation could be an option to solve family farm disputes.
12 May 2021 Money Mentor
Legal: promise of property under a will
What are your rights when the transfer of the farm is more of a 'promise' than a concrete agreement? Solicitor Aisling Meehan explains the concept of promissory estoppel.
16 May 2020 Feature