Know your holiday rights
Ciara Leahy
Flyers Beware! Knowing your consumer rights is the new holiday essential. The Consumer and Competition Protection Commission (CCPC) has this advice.
18 May 2022 Amii
Is the grand tour trip now a thing of the past?
The origins of modern day tourism are centuries old. People have travelled to learn, to relax and to escape but will the affordable travel we have become accustomed to last?
11 May 2022 Amii
The great resignation? No! it’s actually the great re-evaluation
Major life decisions are often made as a result of following the lead of peers and parents. A farming career is pretty much dependent on this but will young people re-evaluate?
84% of consumers say Ireland should continue to produce dairy
A survey of 1,500 adults shows consumers recognise that Irish dairy farmers are committed to producing in a sustainable manner, says National Dairy Council chief Zoe Kavanagh.
11 May 2022 News
Proof some consumers willing to pay more for food that supports farmers
Cheap food is a myth, we are simply not paying the true cost of food but there are models out there giving options to consumers and they are taking them.
11 May 2022 News
Mortgages- making the switch
Thinking of switching your mortgage? More people than ever are making the move. Consumer Editor Ciara Leahy explains how and why.
4 May 2022 Consumer
EU study models worst-case climate change scenario on farms
Crop yields in northern regions would increase, but with an increased reliance on external inputs, the study found.
1 May 2022 News
“In Russia not having food is not a distant memory”
What happened in 2012? The Irish farmers Journal founded a new magazine – Irish Country Magazine. And while that was happening Amii McKeever was in Russia. Different worlds, same year.
27 April 2022 Amii
Opinion: food producers dependent on Irish retailers in most trouble
The extraordinary transformation in the cost structure of farming in the last six months has exposed the deep fault lines in our food systems.
23 April 2022 News
'Consumer is waiting' for more sustainable products - webinar
Teagac's Signpost webinar takes a look into how different generations think as consumers and how red meat consumption has gotten an unjust reputation.
23 April 2022 News
Consumer: watch out for product recalls
With food and product recalls happening every week, consumers need to sit up and take note for their own health and safety, writes Ciara Leahy.
20 April 2022 Consumer
Looking towards increased production of plant-based foods
A recent seminar on plant-based food production in Ireland revealed that there is already quite an amount of activity in this space.
18 April 2022 Crops