Critical time for food supply in the beehive
During apiary checks, the beekeeper assesses weight. Those deemed light will require supplementary feeding - an emergency measure to prevent starvation of the colony, writes Willie O’Byrne.
8 December 2021 Features
My story as a honeybee, in my own words
Beekeeper Willie O’Byrne tells us how honeybees and other bees differ in the words of a honeybee herself.
6 September 2021 Crops
Electricity cost hit sugar cane production in south Queensland
Sugar cane is perceived to have significant cost advantages over sugar beet, but free water and high yields are still important.
Sustained food price increases as global food index continues upward curve
The FAO world food price index continues to increase, putting it close to its record high in 2011.
11 June 2021 Global trade
My Farming Week: Donal Hickey, Kildavin, Co Carlow
Meet the Kildavin footballer who farms beef, sheep, dairy and tillage alongside his father John, on their farm in Co Carlow
10 March 2021 News
UK grants emergency use of sugar beet pesticide
Sugar beet crops all across the EU and the UK have suffered severe losses in 2020 from beet virus yellows.
12 January 2021 News
Nothing sweet about sugar quota - NFU
The UK government is pressing ahead with a 260,000t tariff free quota for raw cane sugar
30 December 2020 News
Sweet deal?
The UK is to introduce a tariff-free cane sugar quota from 1 January.
30 December 2020 Dealer
UK to introduce tariff-free sugar quota
The tariff-free quota on raw cane sugar imports will come into effect on 1 January.
26 December 2020 News
EU crop report: favourable end-of-season sowing conditions
Across most of Europe, favourable weather conditions since mid-October has allowed most growers to catch up with winter cereal sowing
24 November 2020 News
Greencore to sell its stake in Irish molasses businesses for €17m
Greencore continues to divest itself of legacy assets linked to the its Irish Sugar business here in Ireland.
28 July 2020 News
Sweetgrass® - a high-nitrogen fertiliser with added sodium produced by Gouldings
As summer growth hits its peak, grass naturally becomes more fibrous, making it less palatable and digestible for grazing. Fibre content can rise from 35% in leafy grass to 50% in stemmy grass.