School No. 4: Banagher College

Student: Ciaran Corcoran

Year: fifth-year student.

Teacher: Breed O’Brien.

Idea: safety calf crate.

“I have incorporated a number of safety features on to an existing calf crate to enhance the safety of the calf crate. This helps farmers to improve their system in tagging, dosing and transporting calves.

“There are several safety features on the calf crate. The quick-attach A-frame allows the operator to safely attach the calf-handling crate from within the tractor cab.

“The calf enters the crate and is safely restrained using the head crush and side restraint. The operator can safely secure an animal from outside the crate. This allows the farmer to tag and treat calves in a safe manner without the need to have a second person present to hold the calf. The crate also has clear mesh to the rear of the crate, allowing the cow to see her calf at all times, in order to stop the cow from becoming agitated.

“This crate can also be used to work safely at heights as it can be attached on the tractor’s front loader.”

The crate has clear mesh on the back so the cow can see her calf at all times.


“Being from a farming background, I have developed a huge interest in innovating and designing farm safety products and developing time-saving devices.

“We keep cattle on the farm and from my experience I have become aware of the dangers that are present when working with cows and calves and, as a result, have developed my idea to increase safety on the farm.”

The quick-attach A-frame allows the operator to safely attach the calf handling crate from within the tractor cab.

What it would mean to win

“It would be a huge privilege for me to win the ESB Networks National Safety Challenge as it would afford me the opportunity to improve safety on farms where there are calves present. My idea would allow the farmer to tag and dose the calf safely as it is securely restrained in my safety calf create, improving safety for both the farmer and the calf and reducing the potential for injury or harm.””

DISCLAIMER: The products and designs listed were judged and awarded prizes for the purpose of the ESB Networks National Safety Challenge only. ESB Networks do not own or endorse these products or designs.

School No. 3: Killorglin Community College

Student: Jack Nagle.

Year: third-year student.

Teacher: Donal O’Reilly.

Idea: tractor safe lock.

“The tractor safe lock is a device that automatically engages the handbrake of a tractor when the operator exits the tractor. It is simply applied when the tractor is in neutral and there is no weight present on the weight sensor in the seat. The handbrake is automatically applied by a pneumatic actuator, that engages the handbrake.

“From all of my research and knowledge, there is no other product on the market or fitted to tractors to stop the tractor from rolling while the engine is running.

‘‘I feel that this is a growing problem all over the world as tractors are modernising each and every year. The device will lift the handbrake safely, stopping the tractor from rolling.

The Tractor safe lock.

“The lock is a unique device that will fit each and every tractor even if the tractor is very old. It will stop the tractor from rolling to help save lives all over the world.

“In 2016, 27% of deaths were due to tractor-related accidents [Health and Safety Authority]. My aim is to turn these figures around and install my unique lock system on all tractors. I feel very strongly about this as too many lives are lost due to this factor. We only hear about the deaths that occur from people being crushed under tractors. We never hear about all the injuries and near-escapes people have from rolling tractors.

“At the moment, I am working on a retro-fit kit that would allow my device to be fitted into older vehicles. In terms of future plans, I aim to take my device to production and have a TAMS grant set up for the device for farmers to have fitted in their vehicles.”


“I come from a farming background and I came up with my idea when my grandfather had an accident at home on the farm. One day, he got off his tractor and forgot to engage the handbrake while attaching a trailer. The tractor rolled back on top of him and he got trapped under the back wheel. Luckily, a neighbour heard him call and he survived. This is where I came up with the initial idea for the project.”

What it would mean to win

“Winning the ESB Networks National Safety Challenge would be a great achievement for me and my school. I believe that if my device was to be fitted into all tractors, it would reduce the number of fatalities. It would also prevent many accidents from occurring on the farm.”