If you want to know more about Kilkenny, step off the high street and wind your way along the 400-year-old Butterslip Lane, the birthplace of Kilkenny, where an enchanting glimpse into its medieval history awaits. As you continue beneath the archways, slip away from the busy tourist trail for a bite to eat at Petronella’s Restaurant, where you can be guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for history as well – and Kilkenny’s history is in the very fabric of this building.

Named after Petronella de Meath, the first woman to be burned at the stake in Europe, owner Frank Currane will talk you through the fascinating history while serving up a host of tasty and imaginative dishes. An after-dinner stroll around the corner will take you to the exact spot where Petronella met her end on the site of Kilkenny’s town hall.