Farmers in Westmeath have been left frustrated after a gang of thieves stole multiple quad bikes in an overnight raid last week.

Between late on Tuesday 13 August and the early hours of Wednesday 14 August, quads were stolen from at least three farms.

Andrew Revington, a dairy farmer from Delvin, Co Westmeath, was one of the farmers targeted despite high levels of security in his yard.

“We’ve had everything lifted over the years – jeeps, two quads, two builders trailers, diesel,” Andrew told the Irish Farmers Journal.

“The yard is along a main road which means it’s very visible and it’s easy to know when someone is there or not.”

Andrew estimates that he has already spent up to €35,000 on security for his farm


The thieves entered Andrew’s yard through paddocked fields and avoided the main electric gate entrance. CCTV footage shows the two thieves spent up to 30 minutes in the yard and surrounding area before taking the red Honda TRX 420cc quad.

“They came in knowing the best way was through the back. We felt we had the boxes ticked with locks, lights and cameras but they exposed the vulnerable part. We’re now going to have to spend more money on additional sensors and better locks that aren’t as easy to open.”


Andrew estimates that he has already spent up to €35,000 on security for his farm.

While one thief kept watch, the other broke open a lock with a spanner before the quad was rolled away. Andrew said even with the footage he has of the incident it was impossible to identify those involved as they were so well covered.

“These guys aren’t just going for the easy pickings. They’re doing a bit of homework and if there’s any weak spots they go for that. You can’t be casual with your security.”

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