Spring malting barley drilling on Vivion Turbitt’s farm began on 18 March and was completed just before the end of March, which is typical of many malting barley crops this year. The majority of the barley drilled on the farm is Laureate, which will be grown for both the brewing and distilling markets.

The first drilled barley crops on the farm have established excellently. The thousand grain weight of the seed drilled this year was slightly above average at 53, so this had to be considered when calculating the seeding rate.

The crop was drilled at 187 kg/ha and sown using a plough, press and one-pass system. The plant counts carried out in the crop indicate there are 320 plants/m2 giving an establishment rate of 90%, which is above the target rate of 85%. Nitrogen application was completed on the crop in mid-April, at the two-leaf stage, and has now been brought to a total of 150 kg/ha (120 units/ac). Additional nitrogen was applied as Vivion has proof of yields above 6.5t/ha.

Chickweed was appearing in the field last week.

The main action for this crop over the coming week will be broadleaf weed and wild oat control.

Early control of broadleaves is very important and the aim for Vivion will be to apply the herbicide at the four-leaf stage or at the start of tillering of the barley plant.

There are some problem weeds on the farm, so Galaxy along with a partner SU will be used for control. Using Galaxy or a similar product will allow wild oat control to be completed, along with the broadleaf herbicide to achieve good control.

Avoiding stress with spray applications on spring barley is always important to reduce disease incidence and because of this, it is very important to try and apply the herbicides to the crop after three to four good growing days and allow three to four good growing days post-application to alleviate this stress, where possible.

Farm facts

  • Farmer: Vivion Turbitt.
  • Location: South Wexford.
  • Sowing date: 18 March.
  • Seeding rate: 187kg/ha.