Climate and environment
Agriculture is the most significant pressure on Irish water quality
Ellen Durkin
The key issue is eutrophication, which is driven by excess phosphorous in freshwater and excess nitrogen in estuarine and marine waters.
1 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Top tips for spring slurry applications
Spring is the best time of year for spreading slurry as nutrient availability is higher. As the slurry window opens, Kieran Mailey offers some tips for spreading.
1 February 2023 Fertilizers
Best approach to using urea in 2023
Gavin McGowan, Target Fertilizers, and Mark Plunkett, Teagasc, outline how farmers can make the most from urea-based nitrogen fertilisers in 2023.
Nitrates: what are the next steps?
As the dust settles on a series of nitrates information meetings organised by the Irish Farmers Journal, Aidan Brennan looks at the next steps for Ireland.
1 February 2023 Grass & feeding
The importance of sulphur on grassland
Claire Aspel, formerly of Teagasc Johnstown Castle and now with Grassland Agro, explains the importance of sulphur for nitrogen use efficiency in grassland.
1 February 2023 Fertilizers
Farmers urged to feed in views on ammonia
A consultation on a draft ammonia strategy closes in NI on 3 March 2023.
1 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Reap the benefits of lime this year
David Wall, Teagasc, and Eoin O’Carroll, Grolime, examine some of the benefits of using lime on tillage and grasslands.
1 February 2023 Fertilizers
Fertiliser and soil fertility trends from 2022
Mark Plunkett and PJ Browne from the Fertilizer Association of Ireland outline the recent trends in fertiliser sales and soil fertility.
1 February 2023 Fertilizers
Global urea prices drop to almost pre-war levels
Ample supply combined with weaker demand has hit nitrogen markets signalling hopes of lower prices this season.
1 February 2023 News
‘Scale and pace’ needed for roll out of farm climate measures - EPA
EPA representative Prof Mary Frances Rochford warned that dairy farmers in the south east are contributing to poor water quality trends.
31 January 2023 News
Watch: Footprint Farmers - The power of nutrient management planning
Careful planning has allowed Martin Crowe to save €15,000 on fertiliser.
27 January 2023 Soil
Fertiliser companies slow to cut prices
Price quotes on nitrogen fertiliser shows little sign of movement in the short term.
25 January 2023 Northern Ireland