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Foliar nitrogen research under way
Siobhán Walsh
There are lots of questions about foliar and liquid fertilisers. Some research is under way which will work on getting answers.
Tillage Management: forecast dry spell may help get field work done
Possible drier weather could improve ground conditions to enable essential field work be done in the coming week or so.
Drills have been back out despite recent rain
Rainfall amounts for November to date differ massively between regions, but land soaked well following a few days without rain and drills were back out planting
Grain Trends: futures flat - physicals lack a driver
Slow demand is adding to downward price pressure, as more sellers come to a weakening market.
Grain Trends: futures up but physicals down
There is an ongoing tug of war between the supply and demand sides of the market
Lively potato conference tells of progress and concerns
This year’s potato conference was moved from spring to post harvest to avoid a clash with the World Potato Congress, which took place in Ireland earlier this year.
Under the bonnet of the eco-scheme options
Being able to fulfill two eco-scheme obligations is critical for farmers to enable them to claw back almost 20% of the deduction of their entitlement value.
Examining what cover crops to use to tackle different issues
Cover crops have multiple benefits from protecting soil and water quality to increasing soil organic matter and improving soil health.
The importance of nutrient recycling
The nutrients we apply on farms for plant production cycle through the whole food system and surplus nutrients from animals and humans need to be recycled for food production.
Thrive: dry conditions allow the last heavy covers to be grazed
Drier weather over the last week has allowed some stock to return outdoors on the demonstration farm to graze off the last remaining heavy covers.
Newford Farm update: 2022-born bullocks housed weighing 394kg
The bullocks' average daily gain (ADG) since birth is running at an impressive 1.23kg per day, while the ADG from weaning to housing was recorded at 0.86kg per day.
Thrive weekly roundup: picture report of finished cattle and Friesian bull query
The dairy-beef programme roundup this week includes an in-picture slaughter report from the demo farm and deals with a common query on the lack of Friesian bulls in the Thrive programme.
Thrive: why are there no Friesian bulls in the programme?
Declan Marren outlines why the Thrive programme is concentrating only on beef-sired dairy beef stock.
Investing €750m in Irish Farmland
Cork-based renewable energy developer BayWa r.e is planning to convert over 3,000ac of farmland into solar farms and offering Irish farmers long-term financial confidence in uncertain times.
Dial before you dig yourself into a hole
14,617km of pipelines transport natural gas to hospitals, schools, homes and businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This network of pipelines is hidden underground across the country.
Tipperary contractor swears by McConnel Power Arm
Paul Farrell is a first-generation agricultural contractor, based near Clerihan, Clonmel, Co Tipperary. He started his business in 2008 after many years of working for a local contractor.
Dial before you dig a must for Kilkenny farmer
Natural gas is highly flammable so damaging a gas pipeline can cause major disruption, property damage, serious injury or even death.
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