Catch up with all the action from the night in our video or alternatively watch snippets from the night below:

The night included:

Live animal demo – How to increase output value of your herd by tightening calving spread.

Markets outlook – Phelim O'Neill, Markets Specialist with the Farmers Journal, will take a look at where the demand lies for Scottish beef and Lamb for the coming year.

Focus farm update – Hear what the six focus farms have to say about their first year in the project. What has, and hasn’t worked on their farms.

Part 1 features an opening by John Gregor and the livestock demo:

Part 2 features Farmers Journal Scotland editor John Sleigh and Farmers Journal markets specialist Phelim O'Neill in discussion:

Part 3 features a demonstration by Farm Profit Programme Adviser Robert Gilchrist:

Part 4 features a discussion with the 6 Farm Profit Programme farmers:

The six Farm Profit Programme focus farms have been working with their advisors since January this year.

They have benchmarked each of their livestock systems to understand exactly what each enterprise is contributing to the bottom line.

From this benchmark ambitious targets (Table 1) were agreed and each farm had a detailed three year plan was drawn up and has since started to be implemented.

On the night the focus farmers discussed the changes they have made, and the effect they are having on their businesses.

From grassland management, to winter diets, breeding season alterations, increasing stock numbers, and measuring herd/flock performance, all will be discussed.

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