Heavy rain led to flash flooding and farmyards left under water on Christmas Day.

A yellow weather warning issued by Met Éireann had warned of heavy rain up to 50mm and localised flooding for counties Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow.

However, some farms recorded much more, with dairy farmer and ICBF chair Michael Doran among those whose yards were flooded. He recorded 65mm before lunchtime and 85mm before the day ended.

His collecting yard, shown in the video below, was flooded despite being 12in deep, and water flooded through the yard for the first time ever.

Doran resorted to heaping dung at the entrances to some sheds as a makeshift flood barrier to prevent the slatted tanks filling with floodwater. Unfortunately, this did not work for all sheds and some tanks were flooded.

Air Corps helicopter Rescue 117 was tasked with rescuing people from the village of Bridgetown, where nine houses were evacuated among what has been described by local media as the worst flooding since 1959.

Padraig Byrne of the Wexford People shared Sarah O’Gorman’s footage of one road which had been completely washed away at Chapel Station, Adamstown.

Farmer Colin Mernagh also shared footage of his farmyard under water.