Friday will be dry and mostly sunny once any morning mist and fog clears, according to Met Éireann.

Isolated and light showers could develop over western areas in the afternoon. There will be highs of 20°C to 24°C, and light easterly breezes will keep temperatures fresher in the east and southeast, between 17°C and 19°C

Friday night is forecast to be largely dry with clear spells but will bring some patches of mist and fog. It will be mildest in the west overnight, with light easterly or variable winds. The lowest temperatures will range from 8°C to 14°C.


Saturday will be another fine day across the country, bringing a dry day with long spells of sunshine and highs of 20°C to 23°C.

It may be hazy at times in the north and east, with Met Éireann saying that light variable breezes coming from the east and northeast will cause it to be few degrees cooler along the coastal areas in the east and north.

It will stay dry on Saturday night and most areas will have clear spells, but it will become cloudier in northern areas. Lowest temperatures will range from 9°C to 14°C.


Sunday will bring some cloud but will remain largely dry for most of the day. The best of the sunshine will be in the south of the country which will bring highs of 23°C.

Due to light northerly breezes, the north will experience lower temperatures of approximately 17°C, Met Éireann said.

Sunday night will be dry with clear spells but some patchy mist and fog will form. Lowest temperatures will be between 9°C and 14°C.

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