Weekend weather: sunny spells and highs of 20°C
Rachel Donovan
We are in for a scorcher this weekend according to Met Éireann with lowest daytime temperatures of 16°C.
12 May 2022 News
Tillage Podcast: in the fields, blight warnings and mixed crop scheme
This week Stephen Robb and Andy Doyle take a look at how crops are doing in the south, key crop management tips, the new mixed-crop scheme, blight warnings and grain markets.
11 May 2022 Management
BPS closing, dosing bought in cattle and grass management tips for the week ahead
Check out what's inside this week's Beef Management notes for advice and tips for drystock farms
Growth rate peaks under ideal conditions
Aidan Brennan and Martin Merrick take a look at grass growth rates and what's action farmers should take for this week.
11 May 2022 Grass & feeding
Home Farm: decisions to make on first cut silage
We are looking at vastly increased costs of producing the crops for the forthcoming harvest than was ever the case.
11 May 2022 Opinion
Grain Trends: tight supply continues to drive prices
Another surge in prices is beginning to widen the price gap between native cereals and imported grains.
11 May 2022 Markets
Weekend weather: milder than average for time of year
Met Éireann has said that high pressure will dominate over the weekend, with dry spells and temperatures milder than average for the time of year.
6 May 2022 News
Home Farm: Growth explosion expected
The beans are already showing the effects of the rain, with the field now a uniform green.
4 May 2022 Opinion
Dairy Management: how to avoid yo-yo farming
Farmers must walk the farm every five or six days at this time of year to help make more informed decisions around grass.
4 May 2022 Management
Grass: growth rates rising but no surplus yet
Grass growth rates are on the up, driven by good sunshine hours, writes Aidan Brennan.
30 April 2022 Grass & feeding
High fire risk warning for bank holiday weekend
The Department of Agriculture says significant fire activity has been observed in the last 24 hours and expects higher ignition risks ahead of forecast rainfall over the bank holiday weekend.
29 April 2022 News
Weekend weather: cloudy and misty with some sunny spells
Friday is set to be the best day this weekend, as Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy with scattered showers in most parts.
29 April 2022 News