There’s always a little excitement when you bring out your first animal to sell. That excitement went to a new level last weekend in Carlisle where Gerwyn Jones sold his first ever Limosuin bull for £180,000 (€210,000).

Jones, who is a professional cattle clipper and fitter, was offered the opportunity to flush a cow to a bull of his choice as a thank you for work carried out in the Sarkley herd owned by the Pennie family in Powys.

One embryo implanted from this flush led to Graiggoch Rambo and the rest is history.

The bull had an Irish connection, being sired by Ampertaine Elgin, who was bred by the well-known NI Limousin breeder James McKay.

Bidding wasn’t for the faint-hearted, going up in £10,000 (over €11,000) increments towards the end. Watch the bids now lads!