Five tips for grazing during hot spells
Kieran Mailey
With another warm, dry week on the cards, herd owners should be checking animals more regularly. Outlined are five things to keep an eye on.
2 June 2023 Markets
120,000 suckler cows wiped out in five years
Adam Woods takes a look at calf registrations so far in 2023 and looks ahead to where they may be going.
2 June 2023 Pedigree
What's on in the pedigree world
Shanon Kinahan takes a look at what’s coming up in the world of pedigree this week.
Agricultural emissions could fall by 20% by 2030, 5% short of target - EPA
The EPA has said that Ireland will fall short of its 51% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and is instead projected to achieve a reduction of 29%.
New €83m tagging scheme to open in June
The five-year scheme is anticipated to open within weeks and target 800,000 cattle this year.
31 May 2023 News
Virtual fencing: allowing cattle to graze where none had gone in living memory
Two farmers, Eileen Condon and James Gilmartin, recently took part in an NPWS pilot on virtual fencing for cattle.
31 May 2023 News
NI Trends: young bulls come under price pressure; live trade hots up for lambs
There is growing pressure on the prices being paid for young bulls in Northern Ireland, whereas, in the sheep trade, buying demand for lambs has sharpened.
31 May 2023 Markets
Roan, roan, gone
"Breed a Roan", the Irish Shorthorn Society's new breeding initiative becomes fully subscribed within days.
31 May 2023 Dealer
Bovine TB setting records in NI
The upward trend in bovine TB incidence in NI is continuing, the latest DAERA figures show.
31 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Factories keen to cut young bull quotes
Farmers offloading finished cattle in NI indicate that prices are slightly easier on steers and heifers, but bulls are much more challenging trade.
31 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Slight cooling in NI mart trade for cattle
Prices paid for heavy flesh stores sold through the live trade in Northern Ireland have eased from record levels this spring, but generally remain positive.
31 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Farmer Writes: fresh competition in British beef market
The UK commences a trade deal with Australia and New Zealand this week, and Tommy Moyles wonders what impact it could have on the Irish beef trade.
31 May 2023 Farmer Writes