The National Ploughing Association unveiled a “Cairn of Peace” monument in Killarney, Co Kerry, at the weekend. The cairn marks the 1954 World Ploughing Contest which was held there.

This was the first World Ploughing Contest to take place on European soil and the second ever World Ploughing Competition.

Some 13 teams from all over the world competed over the two days in Killarney in 1954. As the monument was unveiled, flags representing each of these countries were raised as the Irish National Anthem was sung.

Hugh Barr, the 1954 winner from Northern Ireland attended, as well as representatives from the 1954 Republic of Ireland ploughing team comprising William Murphy and Ronald Sheane.

The local organising committee was chaired by Tom Leslie. The cairn was designed locally by Bernard O’Sullivan and features the motto "Let Peace Cultivate the Land".

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