Is there room for slurry on tillage farms?
Siobhán Walsh
The tillage panel at the National Ploughing Championships focused on soil, cover crops and the future of the sector.
17 September 2023 News
Ploughing 2023: the dairy farmer competing for the first time
Pat Doyle from Tullogher, Co Kilkenny, is ploughing in the national competition for the first time ever. He told Sarah O'Sullivan about how he got involved.
13 September 2023 News
Maynooth University awarded €240,000 for farm sustainability
The project being carried out by Maynooth University researchers aims to improve the long-term health of soils and support low-input agriculture.
Over 90% sign up to soil scheme in Zone 2
The second zone of the scheme covers Fermanagh, south Tyrone and west Armagh.
6 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Milking the benefits of low input grazing swards
Portrush farmer William Chestnutt is making use of multispecies swards to feed his 250 cow dairy herd, Kieran Mailey reports.
6 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Carbon farming: the on-farm measures which could be certified
Any activity that sequesters carbon and achieves a greenhouse gas emissions reduction on farm level can be certified and is classified as carbon farming.
2 September 2023 News
Window for planting forage crops closing in
Farmers planning on planting catch crops on their farms should do so as soon as possible to get as much growth as possible.
2 September 2023 News
Lemken introduces 10m Rubin disc harrow
Lemken has expanded its Rubin 10 disc harrow range, which previously topped out at 7m, with the arrival of a 10m model.
31 August 2023 News
Time running out for autumn reseeding
With a tight window for autumn reseeding, farmers should consider the merits of a stitching or direct drilling method to establish new grass.
29 August 2023 Management
Forage crop rule change is not enough and does not promote sustainable farming
These rules need to be changed as soon as possible to allow crops to be planted on time to produce a good yield.
29 August 2023 News
Straw is valuable…don’t undervalue it
Make sure that you are putting a proper value on your straw this harvest. If its seen as a hassle the chopper should be turned on.
23 August 2023 Soils
Department amends lie-back, but grass still required
The Department of Agriculture has made some changes to the rules surrounding the need for a grass lie-back for forage crops.
23 August 2023 News