Four research groups granted €1.5m to study soils
Noel Bardon
A series of soils research announcements have been made by Minister Martin Heydon on World Soil Day 2022.
4 December 2022 News
Five things to do on World Soil Day
It is World Soil Day on Monday 5 December and we have some tips on how to examine your soil for the day that’s in it.
30 November 2022 Forestry
Forestry: spoilt for species choice
Close to 40 tree species are grant-aided in Ireland, but forest owners should narrow the list down considerably, advises Donal Magner.
The importance of nutrient recycling
The nutrients we apply on farms for plant production cycle through the whole food system and surplus nutrients from animals and humans need to be recycled for food production.
23 November 2022 Soils
In pictures: Footprint Farmers test soil health with the underpants soil test
The underpants soil test is a simple way for farmers to test their soil fertility by burying a pair of cotton underpants in the ground.
23 November 2022 Footprint Farmers
Examining what cover crops to use to tackle different issues
Cover crops have multiple benefits from protecting soil and water quality to increasing soil organic matter and improving soil health.
23 November 2022 Soils
Fewer rushes and more nature
In the final part of a three-week series, Peter McCann assesses what ordinary farmers can learn from regenerative agriculture.
16 November 2022 Climate and environment
The way farmers produce food 'doesn't make sense'
Building resilience to food insecurity through climate-smart agriculture was discussed at COP27 on Saturday.
15 November 2022 News
Cover crop plantings double at Cooney Furlong
Cover crop sales increased massively in Co Wexford this year and the new nitrates rules are thought to have contributed to this.
9 November 2022 News
Watch: what can we do to help soil health and structure?
In this video, Andy Doyle and Dermot Forristal talk about some things farmers can do to improve soil health and structure.
6 November 2022 News
Pöttinger adds knife roller option to Terradisc T range
Pöttinger has added the option of a new front knife roller to its Terradisc range. This range includes the 4001 T (4m), 5001 T (5m) and 6001 T (6m) trailed models.
2 November 2022 News
42 farms plant 7t of cover crop seed in Guinness project
The project was launched last February and aims to reduce emissions and improve soil health on farms.
24 October 2022 News