The latest mart throughput figures for July and August 2022 show significant changes to 2021 levels of throughput.

Up to July 2022, mart throughput was running over 100,000 head higher than the first half of 2021.

Throughout levels in July returned to the normal pre-COVID-19 levels and were recorded at 80,136 head. This compares with 115,062 head in July 2021.

Throughput in August 2022, at 117,102 head, was marginally ahead of 2021 levels.

As such, year-to-date levels of throughput fell to 72,569 head higher than in 2021.

Munster marts

Marts in Munster continue to account for the highest level of throughput, with the number of cattle sold there recorded at 54,025 head.

This is almost twice the figure of 28,864 cattle sold in marts in Leinster and over twice the level of 23,575 cattle sold in marts in Connacht and 10,638 in Ulster.