Sheep trends update: hoggets and lambs up another 10c/kg to 20c/kg
Darren Carty
Kildare Chilling continues to set the pace in the sheep trade with the factory quoting a base of €9.10/kg plus 10c/kg QA for hoggets and €9.40/kg plus 10c/kg QA for spring lambs for Wednesday’s kill.
13 April 2024 News
Department issues clarification on 15% crude protein limit deadline
The Department released a technical note on Friday evening which states the 15% crude protein requirement does not apply where cattle are not outdoors full-time at grass.
12 April 2024 News
Schemes update: applying for the new Sheep Welfare Scheme
Applications must be completed online through the portal by the closing date of 23.59pm on Tuesday, 21 May 2024.
New Sheep Welfare Scheme unveiled
Farmers can avail of payment of €8/ewe for completing two tasks from a list, including shearing, condition-scoring, plunge-dipping and clostridial disease vaccination.
10 April 2024 News
Department signals earlier risk of nematodirus
Peak hatching will generally occur at the end of March in Munster and south Leinster and in the early days of April in the midlands and northern half of the country.
10 April 2024 Breeding & health
Ramadan delivers final price boost
Tight supplies and keen demand has inserted another 10c/kg in to the quote for hoggets.
10 April 2024 News
Sheep Trends: hoggets rise by another 10c/kg
Hoggets are trading in greater volumes above €9/kg, while top prices for spring lambs are as high as €9.70/kg to €9.80/kg.
10 April 2024 Markets
Camera at the Mart: brisk trade for 2,300 sheep in Dowra Mart
Hoggets continue to dominate the sales offering, with numbers boosted by producers selling live to avail of intense competition and ewe hoggets appearing in bigger numbers.
10 April 2024 Markets
Sheep management: new welfare scheme and managing poor weather conditions
This week, management notes detail the new Sheep Welfare Scheme, dealing with the pressure of inclement weather and hoggett supplementation.
10 April 2024 Management
Sheep price update: hoggets rise by another 10c/kg
Base prices for Tuesday are in the region of €8.80/kg, with a high percentage of hoggets now trading above €9/kg, with demand outstripping supplies.
8 April 2024 Markets
Australian sheepmeat exports exceed 50% of global trade for first time
The increase in exports in 2023 to approximately 550,000t occurred on the back of record levels of production.
7 April 2024 Markets
UK sheep flock falls 5.1% in 2023
The latest DEFRA census from 1 December 2023 shows total sheep flock numbers falling by some 1.14m head, with the breeding ewe flock reduction accounting for over 600,000 head.
6 April 2024 News