Safety statement third most common cause of QA non-compliance
Darren Carty
Farms with three or more employees are legally required to possess an up-to-date Farm Safety Statement while farms with less than three employees must have a Farm Safety Risk Assessment.
20 July 2024 Markets
Global sheep prices: Australian prices record significant improvement
Australian prices have increased to the equivalent of upwards of €5/kg, but New Zealand farmers remain in big trouble, with farmgate returns at just €3.70/kg.
17 July 2024 Markets
Severe lamb price cuts finally halted
A couple of plants have still moved to reduce base quotes by 15c/kg to 20c/kg but its success is variable with other plants holding quotes steady.
Lambs weaned and second batch drafted for slaughter
Despite the weather challenges, lambs recorded a positive weaning weight of 37.66kg, having gained an average of 300g per day from birth to weaning.
17 July 2024 Tullamore Farm
Sheep Trends: quotes vary from firm to 20c/kg lower
A number of plants have dropped their base quote below €7/kg, but there are no lambs moving below this level, with agents exhibiting a greater appetite for lambs this week.
17 July 2024 Markets
Sheep mart prices: trade steady to firmer in cases
With entries of finished lambs at a low level and signs of a steadier trade, factory agents have been competing with greater intensity for well-fleshed lambs.
17 July 2024 Markets
Sheep Management: slaughter performance and marketing options for hill lambs
Lambs should be carefully assessed when drafting, with more reports of lambs recording a much lower kill out in recent weeks.
17 July 2024 Management
Sheep price update: factory quotes steady to 20c/kg lower
It is a similar story from marts, with some recording a steady to stronger trade, while others have seen prices ease by €2 to €4/head.
15 July 2024 Markets
Premier sale date calendar for lowland sheep breeds
The 2024 show and sales season kicked off on Saturday 13 July with the Vendeén Sheep Society event, with sales following thick and fast over the coming months.
14 July 2024 Pedigree
Northern Ireland sheep kill down over 36,147 head or 15% in 2024
The lower number of sheep slaughtered is being strongly influenced by live exports of sheep running almost 40,000 head higher.
13 July 2024 Northern Ireland
In pictures: top of €1,760 at Sheep Ireland progeny test sale
The online sale of seven intensively performance-recorded rams saw two rams top the €1,000 mark and five more sell from €650 to €920.
12 July 2024 Pedigree
Farmers rocked as lamb prices fall by €10/hd
Prices have now fallen by approximately €1.80/kg over the last four weeks, with the value of a finished lamb falling from €35 to €40/head.
10 July 2024 Markets