Beef and Cattle Farming News

Maximum nine-hour calf transport window proposed
Noel Bardon
Brussels plans on revamping EU animal welfare rules, with new proposals announced for updating animal transport rules.
Reducing the age at slaughter, while increasing carcase weight
6 December 2023 Signpost Programme
Reducing the age at slaughter, while increasing carcase weight
These farmers have managed to significantly reduce the age of their animals at slaughter while also increasing the carcase weight of those animals.
Red clover silage hitting quality in Roscommon
6 December 2023 Signpost Programme
Red clover silage hitting quality in Roscommon
Soil fertility had to be improved where red clover was being planted on the farm. The red clover is contributing to feed and fertiliser use reductions.
Bord Bia announces €2.7m organic beef and lamb drive
The three-year campaign will begin in spring 2024, backed by a mix of EU and Bord Bia's own funding.
4 December 2023 News
'Keys to Success Angus' sale - opening doors for new genetics
Shanon Kinahan has all the details of the first of its kind 'Keys to Success Angus' sale.
4 December 2023 Pedigree
Dairy farmers to be guaranteed €200/head for Wagyu-cross calves
Warrendale Wagyu Ireland has said the move will guarantee prices for dairy farmers using the breed.
4 December 2023 News
Mandatory BVD tissue tagging rolls over to 2024
The national eradication programme is entering its 12th year with hopes that Ireland can apply for BVD-free status and soon bring a conclusion to tissue tagging.
3 December 2023 News
Reader photos: frost arrives on Irish farms
Winter has truly arrived on Irish farms over the last number of days. Share your photos with us here.
3 December 2023 News
Australian sheep flock and beef herd enters destocking phase
Low farmgate prices, combined with high input costs and a threat of an El Niño weather phenomenon, are reducing optimism among farmers and leading to higher culling to minimise losses.
3 December 2023 News
Over 750,000 calves to be DNA-registered in 2024
There is in the region of 550,000 cows across over 3,800 dairy herds and approximately 200,000 beef cows across 6,670 suckler herds participating in the programme.
2 December 2023 News
October N and P statements now available online
The nitrogen and phosphorus statements are a valuable source of information for farmers to keep on track of the level of organic nitrogen produced.
1 December 2023 News
Knackery operators set to strike over rendering costs
The Irish Farmers Journal understands that animal collections from farms will be suspended on Friday 1 December.
30 November 2023 News