1 What is your first fashion memory?

Our mum Delia has wonderful style.

Like many women of her generation, she was able to make her own clothes, from our matching coats and hats (yes hats) to the most beautiful evening wear.

One item stands out: a most delicate chiffon blouse. She had to use fine paper when stitching it so as not to snag the fabric. It was worn with a black satin wrap skirt and the look was very “Bianca Jagger”.

Shelly dress €270.

2 Your label is called Sisters; but what item of clothing did you “steal” from your sister’s wardrobe growing up?

Everything! Caroline always had the best clothes. When the debs came around, I had a choice of beautiful dresses that she had made for different black tie events. I swear we had a better social life then!

3 What was your first job in the fashion industry and what was the most important lesson you learned from it?

My first job was with a company called Eirlane, long since gone. At the time we still had manufacturing in Ireland and there were many companies that had design rooms and small to medium-size manufacturing units attached.

Theo dress €243.

The main customers where Dunnes Stores and Roches Stores and I suppose it was an early “fast fashion” model: you designed to immediate trends and delivered in a very short time frame. To fill production gaps, the director wanted an independent label, which I designed and showed at fairs in England, and the sales went really well.

Looking back on it now, I would love to have had more production knowledge, but that comes with time. It was an incredible experience; I can’t imagine a college graduate being given the responsibility today. But it taught me the importance of quality and fit; if a garment doesn’t feel fantastic when you put it on, it won’t sell.

Bella dress €297.

4 What has been your best and worst fashion investment to date?

I was always a fan of vintage, and in my 20s, I bought a cow-skin coat in Temple Bar. It had a drop shoulder, a tailored collar and I loved it and wore it for years. As for my worst! I got over-excited at one of the first H&M Isabel Marant collaborations, as they were new at the time. In desperation, I bought the men’s trousers, as all the women’s were gone. I never wore them.

5 Why did yourself and Caroline decide to establish Sisters?

It gave us the opportunity to expand creatively and commercially. The CK collection [Caroline Kilkenny] was very well established with a loyal customer base. Sisters allowed us to design for another woman and having the two collections brings an energy into the studio.

6 What is the inspiration behind the SS ‘22 collection?

Party, party, party!

7 What is your “hero piece” from the collection and why?

The Allie dress €270. It’s sexy and flirty, figure-hugging but feminine and the colours are amazing: lilac, sunburst yellow and pink.

The Allie dress €270 is Nicola Kilkenny's 'hero piece' from the collection.

8 What are your top three style tips for the season ahead?

Work with shapes that suit your body shape. Clear out your wardrobe. Invest in a good jacket/coat; it’s the item that will work the hardest for you.

9 If you could dress anybody, who would that be and why?

Irish actress, Caitriona Balfe. She is such a beauty and so talented. We design exclusively for the Irish woman. We looked at exporting before Brexit, but thankfully we decided to start the Sisters’ collection instead. The Irish woman has a very definite sense of style. We love colour and a bit of drama; when you try to export that, you lose a little bit of the individuality of the collection.

Ollie dress €262.

10 What is one thing we could all do to be more sustainable in terms of our fashion/shopping choices?

Simply be more considered. Think about what you purchase. Do you need it, love it? If we all stop the impulse buys, shop local and support Irish brands and products, we go a long way to being more sustainable.

Sisters by CK is available in sizes 8-18 in selected boutiques nationwide and online at sistersbyck.com