ABP’s product innovation has been recognised at the Grocer Gold Awards, earning them the Own Label Supplier of the Year Award.

According to Tom Kirwan, managing director of ABP UK, the company were “absolutely thrilled to receive such recognition”.

He described the award as “a real endorsement of a commitment to doing the right thing for the customer”.

ABP’s customer insights and service levels were among the strengths picked out by the judges.


ABP has been focusing on developing new products in the meat, as well as meat-free categories of late, with their first plant-based meat-free brand being released in the UK in February.

On the meat-based front, ABP have recently agreed a licensing agreement with Warner Brothers for a range of DC superhero fresh and frozen sausages and burgers, as well as launching a microwaveable fresh sausage, and opening a “ready to cook” facility in Shropshire.

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