This week sees the release of the Irish Farmers Journal/KPMG Agribusiness Report.

Now in its 11th year, the report takes an in-depth look at the competing forces of sustainability and productivity that are driving up prices for Irish farmland and the knock-on effect it has for the consumer.

This exclusive 48-page publication is free inside this week's paper.

The report reveals how there will be no return to low food prices, as legislation, regulation and innovation put pressure on farmland, keeping food prices high.

Covered in the report are the reasons that Irish land and food prices will remain high, including:

  • Productivity v sustainability: trade-off shaping future of Ireland's land use.
  • Long-term leases for energy farms will remove food production from that land.
  • New mapping shows Ireland has less grassland (ie prime agricultural land) than initially estimated.
  • Lack of clear policy leadership to balance food production and environmental targets.
  • There are fewer farmers, with an older age profile, farming fewer farms - and less than half of those farmers have a succession plan.