Tirlán has invited all staff to a call on Thursday morning 20 June to reveal the results of the business review which has been under way at the co-op for the last three months.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the call is scheduled to take place, but did not provide any details on the scale of any potential job losses.

In April, Tirlán said the business review would involve a "thorough review of all business costs" and that it would take a number of months to complete.

At the time, a spokesperson vehemently denied rumours which were circulating that the processor could be looking for as many as 300 redundancies from its labour force of approximately 2,300.


Since the review began, milk supply has remained far below 2023 levels, which were lower than what was supplied in 2022.

Latest CSO data showed that milk supplied in the Republic was down 8% to the end of April.

Earlier this week, Tirlán announced changes to the board which will take effect on 1 August after Jim Bergin resigns.

It is likely that the co-op would have been keen to get the business review completed before the new CEO takes over.