The UK National Food and Drink Federation (FDF) released export figures showing a substantial jump in the export of several UK agri food products in 2022 compared with 2021.

Dairy export value increased from £1.5bn (€1.7bn) to £2bn (€2.27bn), of which £785m (€892m) came from cheese exports. This was a 39% increase in value on 2021.

Much of the increased value of exports everywhere in 2022 can be explained by the increase in dairy commodity prices but in the case of UK cheese exports, the volume also increased by 14.6%.

The value of UK beef exports increased even more dramatically, up 44.9% to £648.9m (€737.4m), with volume up by 16.1%.

Lamb exports increased in value by 13.2% to £502.1m (€570.6m) with volume up 8.2%, while pork export values increased by 10.2% to £609.8m (€693m) with volumes up 6.6%.

The value of chicken exports also increased, up 6.4% to £300.6m (€341.6m), but the volume was down a substantial 25.4%.