Brexit reserve funding to kickstart genotyping of the herd
Amy Forde
While starting off as a voluntary scheme, it is likely the scheme would evolve over time into a compulsory genotyping national programme.
22 January 2023 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: Brexit - buyer's remorse
Public and political opinion has shifted and there is growing support for a normalisation of relations with Europe.
20 January 2023 News
Make or break time for Brexit deal
Farmers and exporters will be hoping that the long running protocol and Brexit saga is moving towards resolution.
Bord Bia seminar: 2022 Irish meat export value hits €4bn
Adam Woods reports from Bord Bia’s meat marketing seminar held in Naas, Co Kildare.
13 January 2023 Markets
London stays out of NI farm policy
The annual Oxford Farming Conference took place in England last week.
11 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Landing zone for protocol solution emerging
Taoiseach's comments and UK infrastructure work at ports suggests that Protocol solutions are being developed.
8 January 2023 News
Five key quotes from the Oxford Farming Conference
The 2023 Oxford Farming Conference drew to a close on Friday. Here are some key sound bites from the three-day event.
6 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Extra £1,000 for English farmers announced at Oxford Conference
The annual Oxford Farming Conference is taking place in England this week.
5 January 2023 News
EU extend NI vet medicine deadline
At risk were an estimated 51% of all veterinary products that are used in NI, as they mainly come from Britain and therefore are no longer EU-licensed.
21 December 2022 Northern Ireland
Veterinary medicine pragmatism trumps politics with protocol
Extension of veterinary medicines grace period shows that when a solution really has to be found, it can be.
16 December 2022 News
NI set to avoid vet medicine shortfall
Under the NI protocol, all veterinary medicine products entering NI need to be licensed for use in the EU.
14 December 2022 Northern Ireland
Impact of slump in China sheepmeat imports
Even though Ireland doesn’t export sheepmeat to China, the fall in demand for imports there will have a knock-on effect in Europe. including Ireland.
14 December 2022 News