Pragmatism governs UK border checks
Phelim O'Neill
UK import checks have started this week on a phased basis, which means the box is ticked after several postponements.
28 April 2024 News
Significant trade bonanza from any EU-UK veterinary deal
A veterinary agreement that went beyond the existing trade provisions would increase agri-food exports from the UK to the EU by more than one-fifth. Imports from the EU would also increase by 5.6%.
24 April 2024 News
European elections: how Ireland’s MEPs voted on key farming issues
With votes from CAP to Brexit to nature restoration coming before the European Parliament over the last five years, how have our MEPs voted?
Subsidy for methane-reducing feed additives on the cards
Some of the Government’s €14bn Infrastructure, Climate and Nature Fund could be directed towards cutting the cost of methane-busting feeds, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has said.
24 April 2024 News
Ireland and UK to ‘iron out’ technical export issues - McConalogue
This comes following a meeting between Minister of Agriculture McConalogue and his UK counterpart, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Steve Barclay.
18 April 2024 News
Seed shortages compound potato growers' woes
Many growers have only received 50% of the seed potatoes they need for this year's maincrop.
10 April 2024 News
Farmer Writes: four failed attempts at turnout
I’m always happier to talk about things that are going wrong rather than things that are going right (as that will tempt fate), writes English dairy farmer Joe Collingborn.
10 April 2024 Farmer Writes
Making the CAP work - farmer views wanted
Farmers have a chance to tell the EU about the bureaucracy of the current CAP and it should be taken.
7 April 2024 News
Rise in NI dairy profits forecast
Economic modelling by The Andersons Centre is based on a typical 150-cow dairy herd in Northern Ireland.
27 March 2024 Northern Ireland
CAP simplification is a no brainer
Cutting farmer bureaucracy doesn't cost the EU a euro and removal of inspections for smaller farmers is a welcome first step.
24 March 2024 News
10 times Leo Varadkar weighed in on farming matters
A TD for Dublin West since 2007, what has Leo Varadkar said on farming issues since becoming Taoiseach?
22 March 2024 News
Varadkar was 'open and accessible' - Gorman
Francie Gorman said he had found Leo Varadkar to be open and accessible to discussions about what was needed to support farmers as part of the development of our largest indigenous sector.
20 March 2024 News