A new app has been designed to help improve safety and reduce fatalities on Irish farms.

The AgriGuardian app, which was launched at the National Ploughing Championships, was recently demonstrated to Minister of State Martin Heydon. The demonstration was organised by AgTech Ireland.

AgriGuardian is an app-based platform, which offers three layers of protection for at-risk people, or "protected users" on the farm.

Users or "guardians" can create zones on the farm and the app sounds an alarm any time a "protected user" leaves a safe zone or enters an at-risk zone – for example, where the slurry pit is or where dangerous animals are housed.


Secondly it offers a proximity alarm. When a vulnerable user comes within 20m of a guardian, their phone will alert them.

Finally, a feature for the youngest of farm goers is anchoring. Once activated, if this user strays further than 20m from their parent or guardian, they will be alerted.


Agriculture is the most dangerous industry in Ireland accounting for 50% of all workplace fatalities yet agriculture only makes up 5% of the Irish workforce.

Of these fatalities, under 16s and over 65s account for 53%. AgriGuardian is on a simple mission to save lives on farms.