Amazone recently amalgamated three of its spreader related apps into one all in one app named mySpreader. The new all in one adjustment package rehomes Amazone’s FertiliserService app, its EasyCheck app and its EasyMix app.

Operators can now easily optimise and transfer spreader setting from the mySpreader app to the fertiliser spreader. This allows what were formerly three independent apps to now communicate better as well as allow all the relevant spreader and spreading data to be stored in one location. This leaves it easier and more convenient for farmers to recall historic information, ie fertiliser properties, spreading results and spreader settings at any time in the past.

Amazone has also introduced a Bluetooth adapter for its Isobus machinery. Via this interface, all the settings for the spreader can be transferred wirelessly from the mySpreader app to the spreader itself. Once the data has been transferred, the spreader adjusts itself automatically.

This Bluetooth connection can also now be used for sending the corrected values through EasyCheck. In essence this builds on Amazone’s digital test kit concept, allowing results to be sent to the terminal after the mats have been spread over and photographed. This eliminates the need for traditional tray testing and the need for having to make manual adjustments or input results manually into the control terminal.

The mySpreader app is free on both iOS and Android platforms.