Foliar nitrogen research under way
Siobhán Walsh
There are lots of questions about foliar and liquid fertilisers. Some research is under way which will work on getting answers.
3 December 2022 News
Phosphorus use to be restricted on thousands of farms
New rules in the nitrates directive mean that thousands of farmers will have to submit soil sample results in order to get a phosphorus allowance in 2023.
30 November 2022 News
Nine key measures for beef sector to cut emissions in Food Vision report
The final Food Vision beef and sheep report has been sent to the Minister for Agriculture, with farm organisations reserving their positions on the report.
The importance of nutrient recycling
The nutrients we apply on farms for plant production cycle through the whole food system and surplus nutrients from animals and humans need to be recycled for food production.
23 November 2022 Soils
No sign of State bulk buying fertiliser
The EU has said that the State can step in and bulk buy fertiliser to resell cheaper to farmers to help them cope with high costs.
23 November 2022 News
Agri-food exceptions to trade sanctions found to have worked
Carve-outs in trade sanctions for food and fertiliser have sustained exports and offsets have also been key, writes Anne Finnegan.
22 November 2022 News
McConalogue ‘open’ to mobilising crisis reserve in 2023
The Commissioner has suggested that the crisis reserve could be mobilised to help farmers cope with high fertiliser prices in 2023.
21 November 2022 News
All options must be considered to overcome fertiliser crisis - Minister
A meeting of EU agriculture ministers will see the fertiliser crisis and the European Commission’s proposals to rewet farmed peatlands topping the agenda.
21 November 2022 News
Fertiliser database ‘gap’ in North could be easily closed – Cahill TD
Jackie Cahill TD stated that while the fertiliser database ‘loophole’ could be solved by seeking NI herd numbers, unregistered North-south movements will be more difficult to control.
21 November 2022 News
North-south gap in vet med rules threatens exports - report
The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture has issued a report recommending 19 changes to the legislation which will introduce two farmer databases.
17 November 2022 News
EU proposes fertiliser market transparency amid surging profits
As farmers grapple with record fertiliser prices, producers’ profits soar. The EU’s plan to bring transparency to the market is a critical and much underrated proposal.
16 November 2022 News
Uncertain times in fertiliser and feed markets
A leading trade industry representative has expressed concerns about fertiliser availability next spring.
16 November 2022 Northern Ireland