The number of traditionally bred calves continues to dominate sales, with over 77% of calves traded this week sired by either Angus or Hereford, according to the ICBF calf price database.

In what has been an exceptional spring for calf prices, this week saw more highs, with Angus bulls enjoying a significant price lift, up €29 to an average price of €221/head – the highest average price since the first week of February.

Meanwhile, Angus heifer prices were back just €2 to an average of €160/head.

Hereford bulls were on par with last week at an average price of €213/head, while Hereford heifers were back €15 to €168/head.

The average price paid for Friesian bull calves jumped €25 this week to an average price of €104/head .This jump is mainly due to a tightening of numbers, with throughput down another 16% on the previous seven days.

Small numbers of continental calves continue to move through calf sales. This week, Limousin bulls averaged €226/head, while heifers settled at €197, both back around €15 on last week.