Anner Agri is set to showcase its latest Tuchel range of self-propelled cubicle sweeper and dispensers at the Ploughing. Over two and a half years in development, the Tuchel-Trac Farmstar will be the key model on the stand.

It’s powered by a two-cylinder, 14hp diesel Kubota engine. All functions on the 2WD machine are hydraulically operated. Brush speed can be adjusted on the move using the flow control valve, while the hydraulically engaged 120cm scraper is positioned underneath the unit. Weighing in at 970kg, it has a hydraulic flow rate of 40l/min. The manufacturer also offers its Mini and Farmxpert cubicle bedders, which feature an 85cm brush and come with Honda petrol or Kubota diesel engines.

They will also have a Weaving 7m straw rake that features 94 16mm tines, which are hydraulically adjustable over five rows with an output of up to 200 acres/day, according to the distributor. The rake is used to redistribute chopped straw, encourage weed seeds to germinate and desiccate slug eggs. The popular Agrimaster verge mowers will also make an appearance.

It’s powered by a two-cylinder, 14hp diesel powered Kubota engine, while all functions are hydraulically operated.