The Department of Agriculture has clarified that there is currently no ban on the movement of animals in the country.

However, it has warned farmers to consider whether such movements are absolutely necessary.

A spokesperson for the Department told the Irish Farmers Journal on Monday: “Currently, there is no prohibition on the movement of animals within the country, noting that farming is identified as an essential service.

“Within this context, however, individuals undertaking any travel need to consider whether such a journey is actually essential within the context of the public health crisis that we are experiencing.”

Can you put it off?

Farmers are urged to think about whether some movements could be delayed until Easter Sunday, 13 April.

The Government's sole focus is on public health.

Delaying some unnecessary cattle movements could potentially prevent unnecessary use of emergency personnel in the case of farm accidents or road traffic incidents, as well as the public health risk of simply having more people out and not staying at home.