Investigations into horse welfare at slaughter after RTÉ programme
Noel Bardon
Footage shown in an RTÉ Investigates programme on horse slaughter is being treated ‘extremely seriously’ by Minister McConalogue.
12 June 2024 News
Almost 40% of dairy farmers to reduce fertiliser use in 2024
Just 7% of dairy farmers have said that they plan on spreading more fertiliser this year.
12 June 2024 Letters
Letter regarding the ash dieback taskforce
Inequity in the ash dieback scheme was considered to be unacceptable - Simon White, chair, Limerick and Tipperary Woodland owners (LTWO).
Letter regarding the ash dieback taskforce
"As a farmer in Sligo, not a forest owner, I watch the hedges daily as all of the ash in them are in an advanced state of decay" - Liam Feeney, Co Sligo.
12 June 2024 Letters
Over 30,000 TB reactors removed in year up to March
A worsening of reactor numbers and TB herd incidence trends over 2023 shows no sign of abating.
12 June 2024 News
TB solutions will only come with co-operation from every side
The last thing farmers need as bovine TB cases rise is for a blame game to break out among the people tasked with bringing the disease back under control.
12 June 2024 Dealer
No farmers in the Carbon Farming Working Group
The Carbon Farming Working Group has a lot of industry representation but farmers are in short supply.
12 June 2024 News
New timelines for some water quality targets
A new action plan for water quality out to 2027 has gone to public consultation.
12 June 2024 News
Carbon Working Group exclusion sparks farmer anger
The 'exclusion' of the farm organisations from the working group was described as 'hugely disappointing' by the ICMSA.
12 June 2024 News
Two vets censured over TB testing misconduct
The allegations against one vet related to him failing to test adequately or at all one or more animals when conducting TB tests on herds.
12 June 2024 News
'Relentless focus' on farms to improve water quality - IFA
Reacting to the EPA's Water Quality and Agriculture Report this week, the IFA president has 'no doubt' the work being done will deliver dividends, but efforts must be sustained.
12 June 2024 News
Over 1,700ha of forestry approved for planting
Figures from the Department of Agriculture show that 531ha of forestry has been planted to date this year.
9 June 2024 Forestry