Following a board meeting, Arrabawn has announced a price of 32.72c/l ex-VAT at 3.3% protein and 3.6% fat for March milk supplies.

In February, Arrabawn paid a price of 31.78c/litre ex-VAT at base solids or €4.45c/kg milk solids at 3.55% protein and 4.2% fat.

Lakeland will pay a base price for March of 32.5c/l ex-VAT at 3.3% protein and 3.6% fat (34.34c/litre including VAT / lactose).

This is an increase of 1c/litre on February.

In addition, a special unconditional Lakeland bonus of 1c/litre (plus VAT) will also be paid on all March milk.

So, in effect, farmgate price for Lakeland will be 35.40c/litre (incl VAT/lactose and unconditional bonus).

Glanbia prices

Glanbia announced a price of 32.36c/l ex-VAT at 3.3% protein and 3.6% fat for March milk supplies.

The Glanbia base milk price has moved from 29.05c/litre in January, to 30.94c/l in February and now to 32.36c/litre in March.

Kerry announced its March milk price up 1c/litre to 32.2c ex-VAT at base solids.


The Ornua purchasing price index (PPI) is up to 112.6 for March after a relatively steady three months prior to that.

This converts into a farmgate equivalent of 34c/l ex-VAT at base solids when the Ornua premium is included.

This price can be compared to announced milk prices.

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