Watch: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
Jack Kennedy
With the weather settled warm and sunny we talk about some of the issues the sunshine is having on grazing and the trade.
31 May 2023 Viewpoints
Signing up to Brussels for another year
The stark differences between countries is one of the reasons the Commissioners push back some of the power to member states in terms of policy implementation.
31 May 2023 Markets
April ranking unchanged as west Cork stays on top
April and May are key months for dairy farmers.
Food security moving up Brussels priority list
Last week, Irish Farmers Journal editor Jack Kennedy sat down with European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski with questions from Irish farmers.
31 May 2023 News
Genotyping: industry involvement shared
The move will increase the accuracy of the various indices the ICBF generates.
31 May 2023 Viewpoints
Warm weather brings challenges
This year, farmers are worried when there is no sign of the contractor because silage is drying up too much and turning into hay very quickly.
31 May 2023 Viewpoints
Listen: Farm Tech Talk from Brussels
With some big issues such as the nature restoration law pending, we travelled to Brussels to seek the views in Europe.
26 May 2023 News
Lessons from Newford farm open day
The challenge for Newford is that in 2022 costs went in the wrong direction. This happened on all farms.
24 May 2023 Viewpoints
Milk price top-ups level 2022 milk price payout
The annual reports have been published, the final milk price top-ups have been announced so a tally of one of the best average milk price years ever can finally be completed.
24 May 2023 News
Rewetting plans revisited
The impact of the Nature Restoration law is just too big to ignore.
24 May 2023 Viewpoints
Milk pricing review 2022
We have moved to bringing more analysis on the financial reporting of the dairy co-ops.
24 May 2023 Viewpoints
Listen and watch: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
With the weather getting better and better, we talk about what is happening around the country in all the food and farming sectors.
19 May 2023 News