It’s the biggest outdoor event in Europe and, let’s face it, a shopping haven. Yes, we know the Ploughing is all about the ploughing. But it is also one of the most unique consumer events. From tractors to tiramisu, combine harvesters to cooking appliances, the selection of items you can purchase over the three days really has no limits.

With over 1,400 exhibitors working the stands, here are our tips for the most satisfying shopping experience.

  • “I’ll come back later.” Rookie mistake people. The site is so big, there is a good chance when you go back to get that bargain deal, you won’t be able to find the stall, never mind feel your feet.
  • Ask if they deliver: What if you find that dream product at 10am in the morning and it weighs a tonne? No one wants to drag around heavy items for the day, so check if the company will deliver. Not only will your arms thank you, you’ll also get a kick of excitement when your new product arrives.
  • Buy something new: The Ploughing is a great opportunity to try products in the early stages of development. Make it your plan to taste or experience something new.
  • Haggle but don’t go too far: You can’t beat a good bargain and a lot of the exhibitors expect (and sometimes enjoy) the banter involved in a haggle. But try not to take it too far. Exhibitors work hard over the three days to earn money to build their small company so try to support these promising businesses.
  • Thursday treats: If you are determined to bag a deal, Thursday evening is the best time. Exhibitors may be willing to get rid of remaining stock provided you’re giving them a fair price.
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