Located just outside Kilmallock, Co Limerick, Keltec Engineering is headed up by Thomas Sheedy.

The firm has been building a bale chaser for the past 30 years.

Claiming to have built over 1,000 units to date, Keltec offers three sizes (eight-, 10- and 12-pack options).

The 10-bale Keltec Bale transporter.

Keltec offers its patented bale load assist rollers, which it says enables bales to be loaded more easily and gently.

While in transport position, its auto-smart locking system for the bale cages means it’s protected against hose failure, driver error or tractor malfunction.

The bale cages are manufactured using 80mm diameter Strenox steel with a 6mm wall, while the pipe work on the side cage is built with 5mm pipe.

Located just outside the town of Kilmallock in Co Limerick, Keltec Engineering have been building a bale chaser for the past 30 years.

The 10-pack comes as standard on a tandem axle with a high-speed double-axle bogey system.

The unit is shod as standard on 550-45 R22.5 tyres, but various options up to 710mm tyres can be ordered as optional extras.

The unit uses a load-sensing brake system, meaning that it’s less severe on the tyres when the machine is empty.

Shot-blasted, primed and painted using two-pack paint, the chasers are fitted with LED lighting as standard.

Prices for the eight-pack starts at €16,500 plus VAT, while prices for the 10-pack start at €22,500 plus VAT.