Two Beef Plan Movement company directors have disputed legal company documents that record their resignation as company directors.

Alan O’Brien and Enda Fingleton contacted the Irish Farmers Journal to say that the first notice they received about being removed as company directors from the Beef Plan Movement company was in an article by the Irish Farmers Journal.

“I never resigned, this is the first I heard of it,” Alan O’Brien told this newspaper on Friday.

“I have never signed any documentation either.”

“I will be taking this further, I’ll be taking legal action,” he added.

Enda Fingleton also insisted that he had not resigned or signed any documentation to that effect.

He added that he had sought, on multiple occasions, directors’ meetings with Alan O’Brien, Hugh Doyle and Eamon Corley present, but this had not happened.

“I have not signed any documentation about resigning,” he insisted.

Company law

Under Irish company law, a director of a company may resign or be deemed to have resigned for a number of reasons, including an end of their term as a board member or due to a resolution passed by the board or the members voting to remove them.

Board directors are not required to sign B10 documentation notifying the companies office (CRO) of their resignation as a director of a company.

A B10 form only needs to be signed by the company secretary.

Hugh Doyle, director and company secretary, has been contacted for comment.