Last Friday 27 January saw a full yard of top quality cows, calves, bullocks and weanlings take to the sales rings in Tullow Mart for what was described by mart manager Eric Driver as a “tremendous opening fatstock sale” for the 2023 season.

Friday’s sale saw a number of records broken in Tullow, with over 100 beef cattle, 150 forward stores, 150 store bullocks under 500kg and 100 weanling cattle going through the ring, with very few cattle selling below €3.00/kg.

The first-prizewinner in the factory bullock class was a Charolais-cross bullock weighing 860kg that sold for €2,740 (€3.20/kg) and the second-prizewinner, a Belgian Blue-cross bullock weighing 735kg that sold for €2,420 (€3.30/kg).

A group of three Limousin bullocks weighing 685kg sold for €2,350 (€3.45/kg), while another pen of two Limousin-cross store bullocks weighing 597kg sold for €1,990 (€3.34/kg). On the traditional side, pens of Aberdeen Angus-cross bullocks sold very well, with one pair of Angus bullocks weighing 452kg selling for €1,370 (€3.05/kg) and a single Aberdeen Angus-cross bullock weighing 615kg sold for €1,950 (€3.18/kg).

There was also strong demand for weanlings, with crossbred Belgian Blue and Charolais bulls selling exceptionally well, frequently crossing the €3.40/kg mark.

Dry cows

On the female side, there were 80 dry crows present, with little to no change in the trade from recent weeks.

Lighter Friesian cows sold from €300 to €400 with the weight and good-quality Friesian cows with flesh typically sold from €1.85/kg to €2.20/kg, with the exception of a small number of cows that sold to highs of €2.40/kg, while top quality continental cows exceeded €3.00/kg on a number of occasions.

As is the case all around the country, calf numbers in Tullow are on the rise and are selling well, with continental bull calves selling up to €380/head and heifer calves generally sold from €280 to €350.

Buyers were very active for the Friesian calves on offer, with very light suck calves selling from €15 to €35, while the stronger types sold for in excess of €100 on occasion.

Commenting on the sale, mart manager Eric Driver said: “Today proves that quality cattle continue to command the best prices.

“We would like to say a huge congratulations to all who won prizes, thanks to the sponsors for their continued support and to our judge who had the very difficult task of judging a fabulous yard of cattle today.”

In pictures

This Charolais-cross bullock born in June 2020 and weighing 605kg sold for €1,820 (€3.01/kg).

This Charolais- cross bullock born in April 2019 and weighing 685kg sold for €2,200 (€3.21/kg).

This group of Charolais-cross and Simmental-cross weanling bulls born in April and May 2022 and weighing 390kg sold for €1,290 (€3.31/kg).

This Charolais-cross bullock born in October 2020 and weighing 650kg sold for €2,060 (€3.17/kg).

This group of four red Limousin-cross bulls born in April 2022 and weighing 370kg sold for €1,220 (€3.30/kg).

This Charolais-cross bullock born in September 2020 and weighing 825kg sold for €2,560 (€3.10/kg).

This group of five Limousin-cross bullocks born in June 2021 and weighing 560kg sold or €1,800 (€3.21/kg).

This group of eight Aberdeen Angus-cross bullocks born in January 2022 and weighing 340kg sold for €860 (€2.53/kg).

This Belgian Blue-cross bullock born in November 2020 and weighing 800kg sold for €2,460 (€3.08/kg).

This pair of Limousin-cross bullocks born in March 2022 and weighing 430kg sold for €1,310 (€3.05/kg).

This group of four Limousin-cross bullocks born in February 2021 and weighing 630kg sold for €2,120 (€3.37/kg).