Katie Meegan, Singapore

“I’m working with Silver Hill Duck and Lakeland Dairies here in the Singapore market. It’s been a brilliant year. I’ve learned so much about working with companies from Ireland and helping them export to international markets.

“There’s huge opportunity for Irish business here in Asia. I think the major thing to get across is it’s about putting Ireland on the map here. A lot of companies are looking for products that are proven in the market and these are products that definitely are from Ireland.

“The two companies I’m working with have had great exposure here in the market over the last year.”

Bord Bia marketing fellow Katie Meegan with southeast Asia market specialist Malcolm Leoi.

Fiona Flavin, Japan

“My two client companies, [John Stone Beef and Clonakilty Distillery], produce the highest quality of beef and whiskey, and have a clear focus on sustainability which is particularly important to me. It makes my job feel easy, because I’m confident that Ireland produces the best food in the world.

“I am extremely proud of what I promote. With both sides of my family actively farming, I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the way Ireland produces food. So, to now be representing this produce in Japan, I feel very proud.

“I think we need to focus on promoting Irish beef as the most naturally produced beef in the world. Ireland produces exactly what it’s meant to, using the natural resources around us.”

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