The British Limousin Cattle Society has withdrawn 15 Mereside animals from its herd book, following concerns made by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

“All use of the following animals for pedigree breeding including the use of semen, embryos and oocytes should cease with immediate effect until further notice from the society,” the society said.

All 15 animals are sired by French bull Jacot and DEFRA’s concern surrounds the imported batch of semen from this sire.

The animals are:

  • Mereside Lorenzo.
  • Mereside Ladybird.
  • Mereside Lawbreaker.
  • Mereside Leahmarie.
  • Mereside Legolas.
  • Mereside Lionheart.
  • Mereside Lisamarie.
  • Mereside Longbow.
  • Mereside Lucinda.
  • Mereside Lynmarie.
  • Mereside Olily.
  • Mereside Ophelie.
  • Mereside Orangina.
  • Mereside Outlaw.
  • Mereside Ozark.
  • Semen

    Semen from this bull was under investigation nearly two years ago as it was understood Jacot semen entered the UK without the necessary health certification.

    At present, the 15 animals have been withdrawn from the herd book, however, all existing progeny and descendants of the animals will remain as full pedigree.


    Progeny born after the 22 December 2021 cannot currently be registered but their birth can be notified.

    Of the 15 animals named, most prevalent is Mereside Lorenzo who has 948 progeny recorded in the British Limousin herd book.

    This is not the first time animals in the Limousin herd book have been questioned.

    Back in 2018 issues arose over the parentage of Ballinloan Jaegerbomb who was later deregistered along with all his progeny.