Monday evening’s sale of dry cows, weanlings, bullocks and heifers in Elphin Mart, Co Roscommon, saw just over 180 animals go through the ring.

Trade was excellent on the night, reflected by a near-100% clearance rate for the sale.

This 665kg Charolais heifer, born May 2019, made €1620 (€2.44/kg).

Dry cows

A decent entry of dry cows was met with big demand, especially for fleshed types. Cows over 700kg averaged €2.13/kg, with a top price of €2,200, or €2.26/kg, paid for a 2014-born Charolais cow weighing 975kg.

This March 2019-born Limousin steer weighed 600kg and sold for €1,560 (€2.60/kg).

Cows weighing between 600kg and 700kg averaged €1.91/kg, again with well-fleshed cows making in excess of €2/kg with ease.

Lighter cows from 500kg to 600kg averaged €1.97/kg, with feeding types typically making from €1.80/kg to €1.90/kg for the most part.

This February 2020-born Charolais bullock weighed 685kg and sold for €1,860 (€2.72/kg).

There was just two cows with calves at foot for sale, with a top price of €2,080 being paid for a 2012-born black Limousin cow with a set of early June-born Charolais heifer calves at foot.

This 690kg bullock born June 2019 sold for €1,720 (€2.49/kg).


The entry of weanling heifers was small, but both quality and prices were excellent. Prices ranged from €2.48/kg up to €3.48/kg paid for a 345kg November 2020-born Limousin.

A bigger entry of weanling bulls, all sired by either Charolais or Limousin, saw animals weighing up to 350kg average €2.42/kg, while those weighing from 350kg to 400kg made €2.56/kg. Heavier types over 400kg averaged €2.41/kg.

This November 2019-born Charolais bullock weighed 675kg and sold for €1,870 (€2.77/kg).


There was a decent entry of bullocks, with over 60 forward for sale.

Grass-type cattle weighing 400kg to 500kg averaged €2.60/kg, while those weighing between 500kg and 600kg averaged €2.68/kg.

Weighing 475kg, this April 2020-born Charolais bull sold for €1,160 (€2.44/kg).

Demand for factory-fit stock on the night was high, with an average price of €2.56/kg paid for bullocks weighing over 600kg.

While heifer numbers were not huge, there was no drop in the quality of stock forward.

Heifers weighing up to 400kg averaged €2.93/kg, with a top price of €3.79/kg paid for a 390kg April 2020-born Belgian Blue heifer making €1,480.

This November 2020-born Limousin weanling bull weighed 350kg and sold for €970 (€2.77/kg).

Heifers between 400kg and 500kg averaged €2.55/kg, with €2.60/kg to €2.70/kg freely available for better-quality lots.

With some really nice-quality cattle in the 500kg to 600kg weight range, the average price paid was €2.60/kg while those over 600kg averaged €2.53/kg.

Other lots

This September 2020-born Limousin bull weanling weighed 375kg and sold for €1,000 (€2.67/kg).

This 2012-born Limousin cow with two, month old Charolais heifer calves at foot sold for €2,080.

This four-year-old Charolais cow, weighed 760kg and sold for €1,700 (€2.24/kg).

This 2011-born Angus cow weighed 675kg and sold for €1,270 (€1.88/kg).